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The best person to work out how to make the right decisions, overcome challenges and achieve your goals is YOU.


Because you're the expert on your life.


Deep inside your mind you probably already hold the answers to your big challenges. Often your brain just needs a nudge to unlock knowledge and bring it into your consciousness.


Questions can give you that nudge.


Questions have a remarkable power to spark new ideas, help you reflect deeply, build new perspectives, and create transformational 'aha' moments. 


As you explore the answers to big questions about things like your future, your decisions, your worries, and your relationships, you'll create powerful 'AHA' moments that will help you see your world with greater clarity. And with clarity you can move forwards with confidence towards the life you want and deserve.


Key features:


● Powerful coaching questions to prompt deep self-reflection: reflect on questions about things like your future, your goals, your worries, your skills and your relationships. By taking the time to consider and answer these questions, you'll gain a clearer understanding of your thoughts, feelings, motivations, and behaviors. This heightened self-awareness is a fundamental step toward personal growth and development.


On each question page there are ideas and prompts to help you create 'aha moments' and plan actions.


● Clarify your goals and feel more motivated: The Aha Journal prompts you to explore personal goals, values, and priorities. Reflecting on these questions will help you clarify what truly matters to you, enabling you to set more meaningful and aligned goals.


● Get in control of worries and anxiety: You’ll be guided to think critically about worries, challenges and obstacles. This will help you generate insights and potential solutions to address issues you may be facing, fostering a sense of empowerment and problem-solving capability.


● Improved Decision-Making: There's a chapter that's designed to enhance your decision-making skills. You'll be guided to weigh options, consider consequences, and make choices that align with your values and objectives.


● Explore and track habits: You’ll be guided to understand what habits are holding you back. There’s space for you to track habits to help you do less of the things that are holding you back and more of the things that will help you flourish. 


● Inspiring quotes and motivational guidance: Find inspiration within the pages of the journal with uplifting quotes and guidance to help you improve your well-being and build your confidence.


● Beautifully crafted design: with a sleek and elegant design, The Aha Journal is a pleasure to write in and beautiful to look at. The high-quality paper ensures a smooth writing experience, with an elegantly designed, discreet cover so that you can feel comfortable using the journal wherever you go.


● Designed by experts and it really works: The Aha Journal was created by Dr Amy Redmond PhD based on her years of experience working in psychology and coaching. It was created to give everyone access to the types of ‘aha moments’ that people experience in live coaching sessions and it really works!


The Aha! Journal (Pink)

£17.00 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
  • Author: Dr Amy Redmond PhD - Business Psychologist and Coach.

    The questions included in this journal have been selected by experts using research and experience. These are the types of questions frequently used in coaching sessions to help people create powerful 'aha' moments.

    Written, designed, printed and bound in the UK.

    Size: height 21cm x  width 15cm

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