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The Story of

Psychology of Success

Psychology of Success was founded by Dr Amy Redmond PhD. Amy is a Business Psychologist, Coach and single mum to her two favorite little humans -with a PhD in Innovation. Her vision is to help people thrive and reach their potential.

“I believe that everyone has enormous potential, but something often keeps us stuck – an incompatible work environment, a lack of self-belief, or a tendency towards perfectionism. Whatever our gremlin, psychology and coaching hold the key to getting you unstuck and sparking positive change. 

I live for the ‘aha’ moments when the clouds lift, and my clients have clarity about what’s holding them back and how they can move forward towards a better life.

That’s why I developed The Aha Journal - to give more people the opportunity to experience the transformational benefits of coaching-type reflections.

You hold the answers to all the challenges life throws at you - sometimes you just need to think differently about things. The questions in this journal are your key to unleashing new ideas and perspectives.

I hope your time spent reflecting on these questions leads to wonderful aha moments which bring you closer to the life you want and deserve.”

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